Summer swelter--
deep in the pond
the sun

my flower

the scent of nature -
in the middle of the beauty
my beloved flower


*Beautiful lesson of a good deed from the heart of my beloved Teerak*
"This is some kind of beautiful making merit. 
Giving a fish a new life, can live again. ♥
Many people love fishing.
Some people kill them to eat.
By sometimes, we forgot to think that.
Every kind of animals in this world,
love themselves, love their lives in the same way with a human.
They don't want to get hurt. They fear of death.
They want living a long & happy life with their family.
If sometimes we can help and 'SUPPORT ANIMALS', 
by stop killing and eat them.
Small acts of kindness can go a long way in making the world a better place! ♥