Let's haiku

living here
to feel the real spirit
of haiku

Phom Rak Khun Sudteerak

Another New Year--
I love her
in the same way

Christmas in Bangkok


this touch
of a million lights -
Christmas in Bangkok

Tom Yum Kung

    Tom Yum Kung--
    what a spicy taste
    on her lips

    "Marek Kozubek prefers a spicy Thai dish in Bangkok."

autumn leaves

autumn season -
between yellow leaves
the scent of love

Chao Phraya river

falling dusk -
the Chao Phraya
fills with life

Her whisper

her whisper--
an old secret
in my ear

Colours of Bangkok

they’re gone--
an old house veranda
filled with dusk

"Marek Kozubek misses his neighbors in Bangkok."

My poems published July 20

dark maze –

ten eyes

on my fingers

Loneliness--losing my shadow in the mist

For my Wife

The whole universe
around her--

"Everything revolves around Marek Kozubek’s true love in Bangkok, Thailand."


sathu -
one more
good deed

my life

all the flavors
of life -
my wife

GOGI - Thailand

let's eat

Apple Dining Club


all the scents
of spring -
my wife

For my beloved wife

May lilac -
year after year
your scent


a lonely alley -
the twilight absorbs the scent
of cherry blossoms
Marek Kozubek

Review - Kazuko Nishimura

Although the audience’s sense of smell is triggered by the use of the word “scent”, immediately after, the image of cherry blossoms blooming in a twilight-lit alleyway fills our imagination with vivid imagery. This work also beautifully expresses the passage of time through the use of the word “twilight”, as it signifies the time when day turns into night, with the darkness not only absorbing the scent, but also gradually stealing the little light left that keeps the cherry blossoms visible.


her love -
the warm touch
of sunrays

no haiku

no haiku -
every moment filled
with love

the sleeping Buddha

an ancient temple -

the sleeping Buddha absorbs

the silence


filth of this world -
barefoot through a threshold
of the temple

deep winter

deep winter -
not too cold
for love

Bangkok lights

 closer and closer -
fading in her eyes
the lights of Bangkok