Life after

life after life -
what will I be
next time

Wat Phai Lom -

Wat Phai Lom -
writing the certificate
of a good deed

Best wishes

Happy New Year 2020 to all our friends around the world!

Happy New Year 2020!

another New Year -
a knot of prosperity
from a monk

Thai cooking

Thai cooking -
through thousands of flavors
the way to love

My prayer

mountain path--
closer and closer to heaven
my prayer

From room to room

grandparents’ house--
from room to room
deep autumn silence

Wedding Anniversary—

Wedding Anniversary—
still the same scent
of cherry blossoms
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Another life

another life –

around the golden Buddha

a mosquito

Bang Saen Beach

coming back again
wave after wave
Bang Saen Beach

Hot climate haiku

Thai heat--

looking for my

own shadow

Visiting the Buddhist Monks

one smile -
so far away
all the worries

Wat Arun

step by step
stairs to the sky -
Wat Arun

Back in Ayutthaya


For my Wife

wherever I look
spring -
my wife

Never ending...



sathu -
the value of good deeds
that will return

Ayutthaya breath

a breath of calm -
another ways of life
in life

Sounds of...

so close
the way of prosperity
sound by sound

The touch of...

Buddhist peace -
the touch
of silence

Haiku way

living here
to feel the real spirit
of haiku

Phom Rak Khun Sudteerak

Another New Year--
I love her
in the same way

Tom Yum Kung

    Tom Yum Kung--
    what a spicy taste
    on her lips

    "Marek Kozubek prefers a spicy Thai dish in Bangkok."

autumn leaves

autumn season -
between yellow leaves
the scent of love

Chao Phraya river

falling dusk -
the Chao Phraya
fills with life

Her whisper

her whisper--
an old secret
in my ear

Colours of Bangkok

they’re gone--
an old house veranda
filled with dusk

"Marek Kozubek misses his neighbors in Bangkok."

My poems published July 20

dark maze –

ten eyes

on my fingers

Loneliness--losing my shadow in the mist

For my Wife

The whole universe
around her--

"Everything revolves around Marek Kozubek’s true love in Bangkok, Thailand."

my life

all the flavors
of life -
my wife

GOGI - Thailand

let's eat

Apple Dining Club