after the gale--

from silence the sound

of cicada

The Asahi Shimbun

Pomoc dla Wiktorka


Dzień dobry, Kochani!
Tajlandia pomaga Wiktorkowi. Pozdrawiam.
Pragnę Was zachęcić do pomocy dla walczącego o zdrowie i życie Wiktorka Szczechowiaka z Węgierskiej Górki, kupując fartuch na stronie:
lub wpłacając na konto Siepomaga:
Apple ❤

Our love

 Marek Kozubek walked down a familiar path in Bangkok, Thailand.

still the same way--

through a flowering meadow

our love

For my beautiful wife - Iwi

 a miracle of nature -

her exotic beauty

melts the frost

Podziękowania dla Anety Michelucci za poetycką inspirację.

Grazie mille!

a homeless man

 autumn moonlight –

a homeless man falls asleep

on his own shadow

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Volume 4:1

Another prayer

 another sunrise--

another prayer

for rain

The Asahi Shimbun

the sleeping Buddha

 the noise of this world -

in the silence of a temple

the sleeping Buddha

Changed thoughts

 in my mind

changed thoughts--

a whole new world

do(ing) the right thing

 a new dawn -

yesterday's people

that I forgave

The Haiku Foundation Monthly Kukai

The taste of

from you
in every dish

the taste of love


the scent of spring
through the masks


At sunrise

Her warm words
at sunrise
melting icicles

Life after

life after life -
what will I be
next time

Wat Phai Lom -

Wat Phai Lom -
writing the certificate
of a good deed

Best wishes

Happy New Year 2020 to all our friends around the world!

Happy New Year 2020!

another New Year -
a knot of prosperity
from a monk

Thai cooking

Thai cooking -
through thousands of flavors
the way to love

My prayer

mountain path--
closer and closer to heaven
my prayer

From room to room

grandparents’ house--
from room to room
deep autumn silence

Wedding Anniversary—

Wedding Anniversary—
still the same scent
of cherry blossoms
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Another life

another life –

around the golden Buddha

a mosquito

Bang Saen Beach

coming back again
wave after wave
Bang Saen Beach

Hot climate haiku

Thai heat--

looking for my

own shadow

Visiting the Buddhist Monks

one smile -
so far away
all the worries

Wat Arun

step by step
stairs to the sky -
Wat Arun

Back in Ayutthaya


For my Wife

wherever I look
spring -
my wife

Never ending...



sathu -
the value of good deeds
that will return

Ayutthaya breath

a breath of calm -
another ways of life
in life

Sounds of...

so close
the way of prosperity
sound by sound

The touch of...

Buddhist peace -
the touch
of silence

Haiku way

living here
to feel the real spirit
of haiku

Phom Rak Khun Sudteerak

Another New Year--
I love her
in the same way

Tom Yum Kung

    Tom Yum Kung--
    what a spicy taste
    on her lips

    "Marek Kozubek prefers a spicy Thai dish in Bangkok."

autumn leaves

autumn season -
between yellow leaves
the scent of love

Chao Phraya river

falling dusk -
the Chao Phraya
fills with life

Her whisper

her whisper--
an old secret
in my ear

Colours of Bangkok

they’re gone--
an old house veranda
filled with dusk

"Marek Kozubek misses his neighbors in Bangkok."

My poems published July 20

dark maze –

ten eyes

on my fingers

Loneliness--losing my shadow in the mist

For my Wife

The whole universe
around her--

"Everything revolves around Marek Kozubek’s true love in Bangkok, Thailand."

my life

all the flavors
of life -
my wife