good deeds -
this heat of the shadow

of the temple

Thai heat


My award-winning haiku

Dear Marek,

As you know, the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District convened a panel of award-winning haiku authors to judge our Golden Haiku public art contest. We are excited to inform you that your poem,

spring garden –
from here to the moon
the scent of flowers

won a Judge’s Favorite award out of more than 1,200 haiku submissions.

Your poem will be displayed in flower beds around the neighborhood beginning today. We encourage you to visit our website,, to see the various winners. Thank you for your participation, and congratulations!

Steve Simon
Communications & Marketing Director
Golden Triangle Business Improvement District
Washington, DC 20036

Pad Thai

Thank you my beloved wife for your tasty care

Winter butterfly?
her pink lipstick
on my cheek




the golden Buddha


My Thailand - my beloved Land

lights of Bangkok -
discovered in her eyes

Good luck charm

Good luck charm
in my hand
her hand


Phom rak Khun Sudteerak

hot or frosty -
the same temperature
of our love

melting snow –
the warmth of her whisper
in my ear

the Golden Buddha